“As a beginner runner, I had no idea how great it would be to be in a club with athletes of all levels. The experienced runners are so helpful! It’s also great to meet veteran and new members at social events and races!” – Anne F.

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Runner Profile: Linda Williams

LindaW1. How long have you been a Runner? I have been running for 8 months.

2. Are you involved in other sports? (other than running)If yes, what are they? If none, Why did you choose running?
No, I’m not involved in any other sports. I use to go to the gym here and there, but I always had a hard time sticking with it. Running has become a way for me to get the right amount of cardio that I need.

3. How long have you been a member of the San Diego SoleMates running club? What made you join San Diego SoleMates?
I have been a member of the San Diego SoleMates for 8 months. Running first began as something that I wanted to try, but after only a few weeks, I started to really enjoy it. Just seeing how many miles I was beginning to run really shocked me. I was running 3-5 miles, something I haven’t done before, and couldn’t even believe I could do. I have continued to run with San Diego SoleMates because I have always been amazed at how they can somehow get you to do what seems impossible.

4. What challenges have you encountered running these races? How do you address them?
I just did my first half marathon, and the challenge was changing my thought process. There was a mental preparation that I had to do. I worked on letting my mind be in control as oppose to my body. So, I did a lot of mind tricks, which Dan has taught me. I made sure to attend all the runs, so that I would continue conditioning my body for the half marathon. Lastly, I made sure to take one mile at a time.

5. What do you like most about running?
There are many things that I like about running. Running in different parts of San Diego has allowed me to enjoy the beautiful scenery that this city has to offer. Even though we meet early in the morning, the benefits are that the morning is cool, silent, and when you’re finished with your run, you’re done with exercising for the day. I also enjoy running in a group. The group provides support, encouragement, motivation, and sometimes they’re a distraction from the run that can become tedious. Lastly, I love the time that I have for myself, and how great I feel afterwards.

6. What words of encouragement can you give a newbie runner?
You have to try it! The first three weeks I would say are a little more challenging. Since your body, and your mind, needs to adjust to running. Especially, getting up in the morning, which is still a challenge till this day. Lastly, enjoy it. Enjoy the time that you have for yourself, meanwhile enjoying the company of others who are also running with you. 7. What’s your running goal this year? , and your ultimate goal?
To run another half marathon, and to improve my pace.

8. How do you enjoy your spare time?
I enjoy spending time with my family.

9. Favorite motto or words to live by?
I am always trying to practice gratitude.

10. Favorite movie/Television program or books?
I’m embarrassed to admit that I am obsessed with Walking Dead. I’m dying for the season to start, which won’t be until the fall!

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