Batch Resize and Watermark - An application to reduce or enlarge multiple images, with conversion, rotation and watermarking. Unique enlargement algorithm that is perfect for converting 72dpi images to 300 dpi for printing      
Scientific Calculator - A calculator with scientific functions, financial functions and statistical functions. Allows creation of own formulas HTML File       C File       APK File       Python 3.3       Batch Archiver - Create and extract in multiple formats. Archive multiple files and folders. Requires 7-Zip. Change path.txt for path to save archives and path to 7-z.exe. Can embed archive in image or other file. Can password encrypt 7-z or zip file. To archive check the type. If nothing checked, defaut is zip. Click Create Archive and give a name. If Folder checked, choose folder. If not checked, go to folder with files and multiselect. Click Create Archive to add more files and folders. To embed click Choose Container and select file. When all files and folders have been assembled click Finish. To extract check Extract and Finish and choose file. C File       Pages - Conveniently open iOS .pages files in windows       BookAlbum Slideshow - Creates slideshow with flipping book pages. Create a default folder for albums and put path in ini file. Create album folder inside main folder and copy images to it, start application, create short cover title, choose name of folder with images for album name, select images C File       Python 3.3       3D from 2D Video Viewer - Needs avisynth C File       Python 3.3       Bulk EMail       Online HTML Editor - HTML & PHP       Run Multiple Windows in Tabs - Open tabber.exe, choose tab, open file to be tabbed, click control + windows key + alt; window will be placed inside tab. It may be necessary to maximize hosted window.       Updated HTML Editor - Adds snippets of code to paste into document       HTML Spreadsheet - Formulas, Sorting, Sheets       Customozed Calendar- Fillable, Custom background image       Color Chooser- Popup to select custom color from a patch       Bulk Resizer - Resize, Convert, Rotate, Watermark       Color Picker- Select a Color from the screen       Screen Capture- Capture & Edit all or Part od Screen       Spreadsheet- An excel compatible spreadsheet with many built-in functions       Newton Generator- File written in Win32 Assembly that creates Newton Fractals       Form Maker- Draw a BCX Interface       Translate Quiz- Learn to recognize Spanish Sentances       Slot Machine- An offline slot machine game      Craps- an offline craps game      Blackjack- an offline blackjack game      Poker- an offline draw poker game      Calorie Calculator- an offline calorie calculator and table creator      Complex Calculator- an offline complex number calculator       Keyboard- an offline six octave keyboard       No Warranty.
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